Le Gabriel

Bistrot’s Menu


Egg cooked at low temperature, celeriac in mousseline and brunoise, emulsified chestnut and homemade Beaufort (cheese) cake. 14.00 €
Parsnip cream, homemade smoked haddock et parsnip chips. 14.00 €
Beetroot cooked in a salt crust, cream and quarter, chioggia beetroot with honey vinegar. 13.00 €
Main courses
Hake of our coast, sweet potato with coconut milk, fish stock and coriander. 23.00 €
Seasonal mushrooms risotto and crushed hazelnuts. 20.00 €
Small braised knuckle of pork, Paimpol beans and sage, reduced cooking juice. 22.00 €


Roasted clementine, orange and dry apricot marmelade, Breton shortbread, whipped cream with clementine zests. 9.00 €
Squash spongecake like a French toast, mango and squash chutney, fromage blanc ice cream. 9.00 €
59% Ariaga chocolate and caramelized slivered peanuts, milk mousse and puffed rice. 9.00 €


Lunch Menu

(Available from Monday to Friday – excluding bank holidays)

Starter of the day – Today’s special 20.00 €
Today’s special – Dessert of the day 18.00 €
Starter of the day – Today’s special – Dessert of the day 26.00 €


Menu Gourmand 33.00 €

(Available everyday, lunch and dinner)

To choose among dishes indicated on the left side,
Starter – main course – dessert
(supplement menu, cheese plate with green salad : 10.00 €)


Children’s Menu : 15.00 €

(Up to 12 years)

Beverages : apple, orange, pineapple juice or cordials
Piece of beef or fillet of fish with fried potatoes or vegetables.
2 scoops of ice-cream (vanilla, caramel, chocolate and strawberry)


Gabriel’s Classics
Oysters n°3 from Joël Dupuch 6p: 15 €
9p: 20 €
12p: 25 €
Homemade Duck foie gras 19.00 €
Marrow bone with toasted farmhouse bread and beef broth 16.00 €
Steack tartare (prepared or not) 20.00 €
Beef flank steack, mashed potatoes and candied shallots. 24.00 €
Our “pâté en croûte le Gabriel” –pork, duck, foie gras and dried apricot 21.00 €
Cheese plate with green salad 10.00 €
Chocolate fondant, Ariaga 59 % cacao 10.00 €


La Carte


Egg, Carbonara – Toasted bread 32.00 €
Sea bass, Oysters – Kororima spices 38.00 €
Langoustines cooked on embers, Verbena stock – Girolles (wild mushrooms)
45.00 €
Octopus, Carots – Capers 36.00 €
Cod from Breton coasts, Clams – Celery – Seaweeds – kampot pepper
37.00 €

Turbot, Purple Artichoke – Garlic – Olives

45.00 €
Farmers pork, Girolles mushrooms – Figs 37.00 €

Sweatbread, Small crabs – Ravioles

44.00 €
Mr Duleau’s Pigeon, Vine stalk- Onions – Juice 43.00 €
Matured cheese plate 16.00 €

Hazelnuts from Campelière, Meringue – Linalol Thyme

16.00 €

Grand cru Chocolate Xibun de Bélize, Milk ice cream

17.00 €
Yellow Plum, Meadowsweet- Honey 16.00 €

With your dessert, we suggest you a selection of gourmet wines.

Menu Plaisir 95.00 €

  This menu is to be ordered for the whole table


Carbonara – Toasted bread

Cod from Breton coasts,

Clams – Celery – Seaweeds – Kampot pepper

Farmer pork,

Girolles – Figs

Yellow Plum,

Meadowsweet – Honey


Menu Expression 115.00 €

“Menu eleborated for you and by us in 7 services»
« Menu to be order for the whole table »

In the heart of Bordeaux, The Gabriel is the perfect place to organize your events. For a day or an evening, offer to your guests the best view of the city. Our teams provide their knowledge at your disposal.

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Le Dix welcomes you all the day, inside or outside with a beautiful view overlooking the place de la Bourse, in a chic and elegant atmosphere.


At the beginning of the evening, discover a large choice of cocktails created by our bartenders and a range of wines, champagnes and liquors.


One Saturday by month, in a warm ambience, our barmen invite you to enjoy watching their cocktail making skills.


During 2 hours, discover products and their history, precise gestures and tricks.


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